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Qatar development spending has further to go


North Field LNG Expansion

Lusail Development

Schools (Qatar Public - Private Partnership)

Sharq Crossing

Urban beautification

Qetaifan Island

Pearl Qatar

Power Generation

Medical City(Hospitals)

Expressway projects

Roads and Drainage Program

  • Based on ARI estimates, Qatar spent more than $300 billion on development projects over the last decade… an average of $550 million a week

  • Many components of longer-term plans were fast-forwarded to be completed in time for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Spending included projects such as roads; highways; a new port; an underground metro; airport expansion; water, sewage and power infrastructure; parks; museums; hotels; leisure and entertainment facilities; and a new city called Lusail.

  • A number of key projects are still ongoing or will soon be under way; these are estimated to total more than $200 billion

  • Due to the priority of World Cup related projects, many plans were put on hold till after 2022 and include the Sharq crossing; building a rail network; additional development of Lusail; and expansion of the metro. This is in addition to the $50 billion expansion of LNG production (North Field Expansion).

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